Prevention is a better approach to animal health. We believe there is a different way to enhance wellness beyond simply treating problems as they surface. We believe in working with veterinarians to bring producers a more logical approach to bovine health.


    Animals that are part of a preventive care program have the best opportunity to perform to their genetic potential. And, it is the financially sound decision. Prevention just makes sense.

    We believe our commitment to a preventive approach:

    • is better for the animal
    • is better for the consumer
    • is what's best for our customers.

    Disease is costly — when it occurs, performance declines and you could spend unnecessarily on treatment. More importantly, though, disease causes animals to suffer discomfort, weakness and potentially death. Stopping disease before it takes hold of a herd shows a commitment to healthier animals.

  • 01
    Maintain a healthy herd through assess-
    ment of disease risk; prevent disease in individual and populations of animals.
    Respond to subclinical (hidden) disease before significant morbidity and economic loss occur within a population or before subclinical disease progresses to become clinical disease in an individual animal.
    Treat clinical (obvious) disease in individual and groups of animals to restore function, reduce disease-related complications, ad-
    dress animal welfare concerns, and
    prevent the disease from becoming chronic.
    Cull and/or euthanize animals that are
    nonresponsive to therapy, chronically debilitated by disease, or impose a
    serious risk of disease to other animals
    in the population.

    MODEL. / HOW

    Total herd health can be achieved using a common sense approach to protecting the production capability of an individual animal, a group of animals or a diversified animal agricultural operation. Using the unique Prevention LogicTM model, producers can maintain the optimum state of health, which also maintains the production capability of the individual animal.


    Prevention goes beyond simply a vaccination protocol. It means taking a hard look at all the pieces that make up any given operation — the animals, the environment, biosecurity, nutrition and more — to stop disease before it has a chance to affect the herd. We are committed to helping implement disease prevention strategies, keeping cattle operations successful well into the future.

    Our commitments moving forward:

    • Continue investing so we can deliver on our promises
    • Expansion of our biological production facility
    • Research and development focused on innovation and prevention
    • Remaining family owned with a dedication to animal health.